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Surely Pure

(A Journey From a Teacher to Organic Farmer & Entrepreneur)

Most of my adult life has been around children - mine and those of others. I was a trained teacher by profession in Dehradun. Motherhood and teaching require the utmost attention to the health and welfare of the child. My concerns were heightened after the birth of my son in 2006.

My uneasiness about the contents of processed and packaged foods of all varieties grew and grew. I became more and more alarmed at their contents and the harm it caused to people. It grew to the point where I and my husband Manu Gaur, a well-known Social Activist decided to make a radical change and exchange our profession and lifestyle for one that was close to nature.

We sold our properties, closed that chapter of our lives & moved to the border of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh in District Saharanpur. There in the Shiwalik Forest Range bounded by the Hindon River, I and my significant half took up agriculture using the virgin water that is pure and started growing organic agricultural produce that is the same.

It took some doing but we developed a self-sustaining Organic Farm and were blessed with second child – a daughter. After her birth this time I was more comfortable because now I could provide her the best nutritive & pure diet. My maternal instincts pushed me to extend the bounty of the organic farming processes to beyond meeting the family’s needs. We wanted to reach out and spread the goodness and healthiness of our farm’s output to our family and friends.

Looking the process & quality of products our friends had started demanding those from us. Then we had started preparing the same for them also. Feeling our social responsibility regarding the weaker section of the society, more than 80% of all activities in our farm are being performed by the women living in the vicinity. The important thing is that our cows graze in the forest and eat 100% natural and herbal leaves of high medicinal properties. We produce Desi Ghee & other products by Indigenous Vaidik method for more nutritive & medicinal value, having natural flavor and fragrance. We are getting very positive responses about our products. Now sky is the limit for us.

My initial anxiety about the quality and healthiness of the food I was putting on my family’s table and the desire to make it better has assumed greater dimensions. We are now spreading a better quality of life for people who consume the products of our farm. We are also ensuring a healthier social structure in the surrounding areas.

We need your support to fulfill the dreams of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi Ji – Vocal for Local.

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